Make Your Birthday Party Unforgettable With FBT!

Do you want to have your child's next birthday party at Fort Bend Theatre? You can purchase a birthday party package for special seating with a party to be held immediately after the show featuring one of the characters from the production! This season we will have four opportunities for your child’s party, including Princess Christmas, Disney's Jungle Book Kids, Princess and the Pea and Treasure Island, that you can reserve. The actors will stay in character to interact with the party guests, and will lead everyone in a few acting games. Furthermore, everyone in the party will receive a cast photo, the birthday will receive a small gift, and all the actors and audience will sing happy birthday at the end of the performance right after they take their bows. You provide all the goodie bags, cake and food, and we provide the FUN!!

Oops!   Want to have a Princess or Fairytale Party but your child's birthday doesn't correspond with one of our shows?  Why not call FBT at 281-208-3333 to book one of our delightful actors?  For as little as $100 an hour (distance within 10 miles of FBT) you can choose from an array of Princesses and Characters to attend your event!  Prices vary by specific request. Discounts apply to multiple Characters during the first hour, and if Princess is desired for more than two hours.  Tips are always welcome to the performer!

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