Acting Class Homework

Acting Class Homework

Due November 5 - Dress Rehearsal Please bring shoes and have hair stylred

Level 1 and 2:  10 to 11:30

Everyone should be OFF- Book today!  That means all lines memorized!!!!

Levels 3- 5–11 30 to 1 PM 

Everyone should be OFF- Book today!  That means all lines memorized!!!!  Please practice your song, dance or piano pieces, please.  You should be solid on your performance.

Teen class – 1 o'clock to 2:30 PM

Everyone should be OFF- Book today! That means all lines memorized!!!!

Make- Up List for the 11:30- 1:00 class

As previously mentioned, each actor must bring their own personal items, including make-up. Please be sure to have their name on everything and in a container for them to bring back and forth to class.

1. Red & Pink Lipstick shades

2. Pink to red shades of blush

3. Baby wipes to remove make-up

4. Baby powder in a sock

5. Large Powder Brush

6. Blush brush

7. Triangle shaped, dense make-up sponge wedges-- several! (Please don’t bring round.) This is for base application.

8. Black grease eyeliner and sharpener- NO liquid please

9. Bobby Pins (Safety pins (several)

10. Wig cap (if they are wearing a full head piece, mask or wig)

11. Base (foundation ) in ½ shade darker than their natural shade (if they already have pro make-up for stage)

12. Hand towel and closure clip to wear around neck

13. Hair MUST be pulled off face when they arrive at class

14. Professional make-up liner brush

15. Old toothbrush (they will never want to use it in their mouth again!)

Please note that the children will leave with their make-up applied. If you are planning on going somewhere after class, be sure to spend a moment helping them remove their work in the bathroom or bathroom area. Thank you.


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