Action Reaction Troupe (A.R.T)

Action Reaction Troupe (A.R.T.)

Next A.R.T Show: Madeline's Christmas (More Information Coming Soon!)

A.R.T. Troupe's Pride & Prejudice (2014)

Award-Winning Fort Bend Theatre's Action Reaction Troupe (A.R.T.) shows are performed by a group of talented students ages 8-18.

Each season, Fort Bend Theatre produces multiple shows that are performed by the A.R.T. players. Interested in being part of FBT's prestigious Action Reaction Troupe?

Students ages 8-18 are invited to audition for A.R.T. shows. There is a casting fee of $200.00, payable at the first rehearsal. The troupe receives instructional training by a degreed professional throughout the course of the rehearsals and show run.

So What Makes the A.R.T. Troupe Unique?

                          Instructional Time Built into Rehearsal. Students will Learn:

  • 5 Essential Tools of an Actor
  • Voice & Diction
  • Movement
  • Character Development 
  • Improvisation
  • Theatre Terminology
  • Scene Work

Special Instruction Based on the Show

  • Accents
  • Posture (Based on Age, Social Status, & Time Period)
  • How to Cross the Stage
  • General Movements (Ex. Greetings, Handshakes, etc...)

Transitioning from Acting Classes to Professional Shows

  • Instructional Theatrical Training Built into the Show
  • A Minimum of 40 Rehearsal Hours
  • Students Put on a Full-Length Professional Show at FBT that Runs for 2 Weekends

Instruction is Taught by Professionals with a Theatre Degree and Experience

  • Current Teacher/Director: Tarra McCain
    • Over 30 Years of Theatre Experience
    • Had Been with FBT Since 1991
    • Directed Numerous Shows at FBT, Including Large-Scale Musical Performances at the Stafford Centre & Miller Outdoor Theatre
    • Has Taken Multiple Groups of Children & Teens to Professional Competitions and Won Multiple Awards
    • Has Won Numerous Awards in Theatre & Set Design

Testimonials from past A.R.T. performers

“It was a lot of fun. Miss Tarra, [the director/teacher], was always clear and patient on what she wanted. I was very happy with the way the show turned out. I think that I gained the most out of learning to appreciate and understand stage awareness and volume control. Making lots of friends along the way was a big plus too! I can hardly wait until my next experience at Fort Bend Theatre!” 

-Isabelle Clark (A Little Princess, Sara Crewe)

"Before I started learning how to speak in a British accent, I sounded like a dying cat." I also learned lots about the proper posture and movements that one made during the time period that the show took place in. Not to mention, doing this show only increased my love for Pride and Prejudice.  My director, Miss Tarra, and Assistant Director, Michael Hill, were both fabulous. Overall, my favorite moment was the amazing progress that was made on a comical scene with Elizabeth and Mr. Collins. I hope to audition for another show very soon."  

-Kelsey Brown (Pride and Prejudice)

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